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Creating Inspiration For Education

About WeLearn

WeLearn is a online, blockchain powered education tool for teachers to use to incentivise their students to learn and do better work in class.  In return, students mine tokens by completing the projects their teachers assign.  Those tokens have a valuation that the free market decides and can be used to buy any sort of item just like USD


Aidan Mooney


The CEO of WeLearn is in charge of making sure the company runs well. Planning out our goals and what we are setting out to do everyday is more of a team effort. In order to create a strong and lasting company, the inspiration has to be in the team and that is something a CEO can't give. The CEO is more or less in charge of putting the moving parts together to get the company on the road.

Lucas Becerra


As Chief Financial Officer I over see all the finances for We Learn. Working with the CEO I help our company meets its financial goals. I also oversee the accounting department ensuring all of our banking, and records are up to date and follow all applicable regulations.

Coral Peters


I am COO which helps oversee the day-to-day operational functions of our business. I report and work directly with the CEO. I am also VP Sales and Design and I oversee the Marketing Team and overall design and look of the company.

Sophia Osborn


As Chief Technology Officer I over see all of our technology. I work directly with our CEO Aidan and our COO Coral on advertisement on all company levels. I also help manage any form of publication we have including websites and social media. 

Jade Johnson

VP of HR

Human resources takes care of management of workers, oversees recruitment, and posts scheduling. As the Vice President of Human Resources Jade oversees the entire department and reports to the COO

Our Mission

The education system from our point of view is broken.  It  lacks visible inspiration.  In order to solve that we brought incentive to learning giving students and teachers immediate visible goal to their hard work, Beyond just educating themselves.

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